En-R-G Enzymatic Nutritional Resource Generator

For use with granular enzymes. Instantly activates enzymes and increases effectiveness of ordinary granular enzymes up to 600%.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 813 (55 GL)
  • 812 (35 GL)
  • 811 (20 GL)

Appropriate Uses

  • Wastewater
  • Lagoons
  • Ponds
  • Clarifiers

Typical Applications

Used By

En-R-G - Enzymatic Nutritional Resource Generator

Tests show that due to lengthy activation times, many powdered and granular enzyme formulations get washed through your system before they can even begin to approach peak effectiveness. They often do not contain sufficient microbial nutrients to stimulate proper multiplication of bacterial enzyme colonies and because of their inherent properties, their odor control ability is minimal. Cold weather conditions also cause enzyme activity to greatly reduce as bacteria become dormant. Most enzyme formulations are not properly balanced so some ingredients are used up too quickly while others flush through the system before becoming active. En-R-G activates and maximizes your enzymes. 
  • En-R-G acts as a catalyst to instantly activate all enzyme formulas by providing high potency microbial nutrient resources for all four enzyme groups: lipase, protease, cellulase, amylase. 
  • En-R-G enhances enzyme effectiveness in both aerobic and anaerobic systems. 
  • By instantly activating all 4 enzyme groups En-R-G results in rapid odor control while stimulating multiplication of bacterial enzymes as much as 6 times. 
  • En-R-G’s catalytic activation insures that enzymes will not go dormant until they reach 32° F. or freezing point.

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