4C.Diff System

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Stronger and more efficient than bleach, the 4C.diff System is the solution to stop the spread of Clostridium Difficile (C.diff) on surfaces.

Using a non-bleach active ingredient called sodium triclosene, the 4C.diff System is much more stable than bleach, releasing its chlorine at a much slower rate. Because of this, solutions of 4C.diff System maintain their disinfectant activity for a week when used in spray bottles, as opposed to bleach solution which should be replaced daily. This disinfectant activity applies not just to C.diff, but also to a variety of pathogens (see label for full listing).

Because of its method of operation, germs cannot build up a resistance to the 4C.diff System and the solution maintains disinfectant efficacy even in the presence of organic soils or cloths. Its small package size saves storage space and shipping costs and unlike bleach, the 4C.diff System has a 2-year shelf life.

Solutions of the 4C.diff System has a pH of around 5.5, vs. bleach solutions with a pH of around 11. This pH level provides effective disinfection with less potential for damage to surfaces than bleach.


1. Add 2 tablets to empty quart bottle.

2. Apply secondary labels to the quart bottles for OSHA compliance.

3. Fill quart bottles with water to create 4C.diff System solution and follow label directions for use.

In addition to all these features, solutions of 4C.diff are economical, costing under $2.50 for a quart bottle of ready-to-use disinfectant.

USE ON: Hospitals • Nursing Homes • Medical & Dental Offices • Operating Rooms • Isolation Wards • Medical Research Facilities • Day Care Centers • Nurseries • Pharmacies • Compounding Pharmacies • Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, & Medical Device Manufacturing Facilities • Biotechnology Firms • Veterinary clinics • Animal Laboratories • Kennels • Animal Grooming • Zoos • Pet shops

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