AG-2001 (Dozen)

Non-Chlorinated Aerosol Grease

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AG-2001 is a multi-purpose high temperature red grease that sprays out of the can as a thin penetrating liquid and quickly turns into a thick grease that clings to vertical surfaces. AG-2001 provides superior lubrication in temperatures up to 500°F. When you need lubrication where there is no grease fitting, AG-2001 is your answer.

  • Penetrating action goes into places that grease normally doesn’t go
  • Provides superior extra tacky lubrication and will not “sling” off
  • Formulated to prevent rust and oxidation
  • Won’t wash out with water
  • Cleans out old, dissolved grease
  • Extension tube provided for hard to reach areas

AG-2001 meets all OSHA requirements and is the 1st aerosol grease to meet the Clean Air Standards Act.

USE ON:  Autos • Trucks • Buses • Doors • Windows • Cams • Slides • Sleeves • Pulleys • Chains • Gears • Conveyors • Fork Lifts

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