Boiler Water Treatment

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Balance alkalinity for better boiler performance.

Alka-Plus is a single component alkalinity booster of concentrated Sodium Hydroxide for boilers operating at 600 psi or less. Alka-Plus meets USDA requirements and is approved for use in a variety of facilities from comfort heating to processing functions. 

Alka-Plus conditions water by “donating” or providing needed alkalinity to chemically soften water with our chemicals to become a non-adherent fluid sludge. This sludge will disperse to the bottom of the boiler for removal during blowdown.

Manufactured as a single component solution, Alka-Plus is the economical choice for larger boilers and is intended for use with other single component, economical solutions such as our RLT-2000, Oxy-Gone and Scale-Trol. Alka-Plus is part of a scale prevention program that will help protect components and surfaces to extend boiler system life.


  • Provides alkalinity to correct hard water problems for a better operating boiler
  • Conditions water throughout the boiler by controlling pH levels
  • Part of a scale prevention program to inhibit rust and corrosion as well as control scale
  • Improves blowdown by suspending solids in a non-adherent fluid sludge for easy removal
  • Meets USDA application requirements
  • Compatible for use with other steam line, oxygen scavenging or dispersing products

EFFECTIVELY PREVENTS:  Scale and Mineral Deposits • Calcium Carbonate • Dissolved Oxygen • Iron Oxide Deposits

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