All Clear (Dozen)

Ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner

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All Clear is an exclusive oil cutting formula that contains no oils, waxes or silicones and dries residue-free so surfaces stay clean longer.

All Clear contains special oil cutting solvents that quickly cut through fingerprints, lipstick, grease, smoke film, bugs, and loosens other dirt and soils easily. Its clinging foam breaks into a liquid quickly for fast and easy cleaning. Use All Clear to clean glass, windows, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, chrome, and more.

  • Dissolves grease and oil on contact
  • Dries streak and residue-free
  • Surfaces stay cleaner longer
  • Pleasant scent refreshes rooms
  • Requires no rinsing

USE ON GLASS:  Windows • Doors • Mirrors • Windshields • and more

USE ON HARD SURFACES FOR LIGHT DUTY CLEANING:  Countertops • Stainless Steel • Chrome • Tile • Plastic • and more

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