Backpack Electro Sprayer

Battery Operated Electrostatic Sprayer

SKU: 47234


The Backpack Electro Sprayer can deliver up to 4.2 gallons of wide and even disinfecting mist to sterilize offices, warehouse, mass transit, schools, and more. Electrostatic technology applies a positive charge to the spray droplets so they attract to surfaces like a magnet. The result is uniform coverage of complex objects and shapes that are often missed by conventional sprayers. This easy-to-use, lithium battery powered unit is cordless with 4 included nozzle attachments to meet virtually every spraying need. UL charger and backpack harness are included for efficient mobility and re-accessibility whenever needed.


  • Easy-to-use and time efficient
  • Cordless – Lithium battery powered
  • Provides an electrostatic charge to solutions for effective and evenly spread coverage
  • Dispenses disinfectants in fine mist for sterilization and disinfection\
  • Contains 4 nozzle attachments to meet virtually every spraying need
  • Suitable in offices, warehouses, factories, mass transit, schools, and hospitals

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