Non-Pathogenic Bacteria Block

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Grease traps and sewer lines are free of organic build-up in one simple step.

Bacto-Brik is a revolutionary way to deliver grease-eating bacteria into grease traps, collection lines, and lift stations. Its specially designed mesh bag allows maximum ease of flow-through without rapid loss of culture. As the bacteria dissolves, billions of colony forming spores are released. These bacteria spores go to work to digest grease and multiply exponentially to increase the bacteria count.

  • Ready-to-use self dispensing block
  • Each Bacto-Brik treats a 25-50 gallon grease trap
  • Lasts 3 to 4 weeks
  • Prevents malodors and corrosion
  • 100% ecologically safe
  • Works year round

USE IN:  Sewage Treatment Plants • Lift Stations • Digesters • Lagoon Influent • Rendering Plants • and more

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