High Count, Non-Pathogenic Bacteria


Ultra concentration of bacteria and bacterial enzymes improve water quality.

Bacto-Dose’s high count, custom blend bacteria digest organic waste in aerobic and anaerobic environments. It doubles every 20-40 minutes resulting in faster breakdown and more efficient degradation of wastes and solids. Bacto-Dose’s simplistic application in water soluble bags takes the guesswork out of dosaging. One 4 oz bag treats up to 2 million gallons of flow per day.

REDUCES: Sludge, Solids, Odors, Hydrogen Sulfide, Downtime, Costs, Ammonia
IMPROVES: BOD, COD, Settling, Capacity, Clarity, Degradation

Original: 100 – 4 oz bags treat up to 2 million gallons/day
Mega-Pack: 30 – 1 lb. bags treat 4 million gallons/day
Shock-Kit: 5 – 1 lb. bags start or restart your system over 5 days

USE IN:  Wastewater Plants • Food & Industrial Waste Water Systems • Lagoons • Settling Tanks • Digesters • Sludge Beds • Polishing Ponds • Septic Tanks • Grease Traps

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