Bacto Treat OWS

Petroleum Oil Digestant for Oil Water Separators

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Eliminate wastewater violations and reduce sludge petroleum content by more than 80 percent.

Due to mounting environmental concerns, the use of wastewater pre-treatment and reclamation systems in the vehicle wash and heavy manufacturing industries are becoming more prevalent. They are designed to conserve water and reduce the amount of
untreated water being flushed into municipal sewer systems. While this approach to waste management seems practical, without tedious maintenance, sludge and solids rapidly accumulate. Failure to reduce the waste to an acceptable level will result in costly surcharges, generate offensive odors, and require frequent and costly pump outs.

To solve this problem, Continental Research has engineered Bacto Treat OWS, a petroleum oil digestant for oil water separators. Using a unique blend of spore-forming bacillus bacterial strains, Bacto Treat OWS breaks down petroleum-derived contaminants such as benzene and toluene and converts them into carbon dioxide and water. Each strain was selected for optimum enzyme production to assure efficient and comprehensive breakdown of sludge and solids created by hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, washing agents, dirt/dust particles, and traffic grime.


  • Diminishes need for pumping out the oil/water separators
  • Reduces contaminated sludge and lowers volume of sludge
  • Bacterial strains isolated for optimum enzyme production to assure efficient and comprehensive breakdown of harmful pollutants
  • Digests organic solids with the release of carbon dioxide and water
  • Eliminates offensive odor 

AREAS OF USE: Military Bases • Motor Pools • Fleet Maintenance Bays • Street Departments • Transit Authorities • City Municipalities • County Road Departments • Manufacturing Plants • Airports • Auto Dealerships • Machine Shops • Marine Bilges • Truck & Car Washes

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