Black Tie (Dozen)

Premium Tire Dressing and Protectant

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Nothing completes great wheels like sleek, shiny black tires. Black-Tie makes tires and all rubber surfaces look brand new on contact. Black-Tie restores a rich black color and high shine finish.

  • Restores: Tires, moldings, mats, vinyl, and more.
  • Protects: With a weather resistant finish that prevents cracking and fading.
  • Easy To Apply: Comes in a convenient pump spray.
  • Dries Fast: Requires no wiping.

USE ON:  Tires • Rubber Floor Mats • Under the Hood on Hoses and Wires • Exterior Vinyl and Moldings • anywhere you want a shiny clean look

USE AT:  State & County Road Districts • School Bus Districts • Vehicle Dealerships • Fleet Companies • Vehicle Rentals Companies • Public Transportation • Military Transportation Departments

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