Boiler Mate

Rust Inhibitor for Closed Water Re-Circulating Systems

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Contains Pink Indicator for Quick and Easy Visual Checking of pH Levels

Boiler Mate is the only boiler treatment that you’ll ever need to use outside of scheduled preventative flushings.

Boiler Mate is a non-chromate, closed system, rust inhibitor for circulating water systems where very little fresh water is added. It chemically reacts with oxygen to form a protective film inside the metal pipes that prevents rust and corrosion from occurring inside the system. Boilers treated with Boiler Mate need to be checked only one time per week.

Boiler Mate is formulated with:

  • rust inhibitors
  • water softeners
  • sequestering agents
  • corrosion inhibitors
  • scale preventatives
  • penetrant detergents

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