Fragrance Beads In Air Flow Bag

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The Breezies are versatile deodorizers in a unique mesh bag which allows air to flow
through and effectively freshen the room. When placed in the Scent Station, or Breezies
Basket, you have a complete deodorizing system that freshens rooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One Breezie alone can last up to 30 days! Some fragrances are bold while some are mild. Try mixing them to create your own unique blend!

  • The Breezies fragrance beads come in a special 1 oz. air flow bag packaged 24 to a case.
  • The Breezies work great in the Scent Station.
  • Cleanup is easy – just throw them away!
  • The Breezies work great alone and even better when mixed with each other.

RECOMMENDED USES:  Air Conditioner/Heater Vents • Garbage Cans • Vacuum Cleaners • Hospital Rooms • Cars, Trucks, Buses • Classrooms • Laundry Hamper • All Work Areas

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