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Continental Joe Industrial

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Cleans with the power of acid yet gentle as dish soap!

Continental Joe is a totally natural, biodegradable acid-free formula. Its non-corrosive clinging formula adheres to surfaces for longer cleaning time. With a performance equal to or surpassing that of acid-based cleaners, Continental Joe is as gentle and safe to use as dish soap, yet requires less stringent shipping and packaging regulations.

Advantages of Continental Joe:

  • Safe & gentle to use… biodegradable, non-toxic and acid-free
  • High performance… strong enough to remove scale, rust, and calcium deposits
  • Labor saving… clinging formula provides longer cleaning time
  • Labor DOT regulated… requires no special shipping requirements

CJ Industrial

  • Use to clean hot water heaters, machinery, concrete masonry, wash bays and more
  • Can be used full strength or diluted 1:10
  • Removes scale, rust, grease, stains and more

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