Coil Clean

Industrial Grade Hydrodynamic Cleaner

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Cooling equipment works more efficiently and reduces temperatures faster and longer.

Coil-Clean loosens grease, lint, dust, ash, pollen and other types of matter that entrap themselves on coils and fins and cause inefficient cooling. Once this debris is flushed from the surface of your cooling units, they can again resume their more efficient use of electricity and full cooling or refrigerating capacity. Coil-Clean is rinse-free on evaporation coils. The condenser coil can also be cleaned with Coil-Clean and requires minimal rinse. Available in bulk.

WORKS ON:  Coils • Coolers • Drains • Filters • Fins

TO KEEP THEM FREE OF:  Dust • Lint • Pollen • Slime • Other undesirable insulating deposits

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