CS-671 (4/case)

Air-Controlled Odor Counteractant

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The first line of defense against odors caused by H2S Gas.
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a dangerous gas that can create serious health issues in confined spaces such as manholes, lift stations and grease traps. It is colorless, toxic, and flammable. Hydrogen Sulfide’s foul odor often brings in industrial and residential complaints.
CS-671 is the solution! This a concentrated odor neutralizer greatly reduces odors caused by H2S Gas and other odor-related problems. CS-671 comes with hangable mesh bags that provide widespread distribution of the air-controlled odor counteractant. 
  • Reduces odors through activated carbon
  • Diminishes odors caused by H2S gas and other related odors that cause health hazards
  • Reduces corrosion to metal and concrete
  • Safe, cost effective (lasts up to 60 to 90 days) and easy to install! 
USE IN: Manholes • Lift Stations • Headworks • Dewatering Areas • Mains • Grease Traps • Garbage Collection Areas • Elevator Shafts • Dumpster Areas • Industrial Plants • Water Treatment • Sewers • Plumbing

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