D.T.W. (Dozen)

Death To Weeds – Aerosol Spray Herbicide

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Keep what you want. Kill what you don’t. D.T.W. makes weed control that simple. Death to Weeds (D.T.W.) is an aerosol spray herbicide that makes the chore of weed control easier than ever before. Its upside down spray eliminates the need to bend over and the stream is safe and accurate. D.T.W. is non-selective and an EPA registered solvent base combination of 2,4-D and Bromacil that ensures rapid top kill of all weeds and will also prevent future growth up to one year.

  • Systemic herbicide that kills through the stalk and leaves
  • Upside down valve eliminates bending and makes application easier
  • Rapid kill – eliminates all unwanted foliage
  • Easy application
  • Long lasting – up to one year!

USEFUL ANYWHERE THAT WEEDS AND OTHER UNWANTED FOLIAGE INFEST:  Bridge Abutments • Embankments • Around Buildings • Culverts • Drainage Ditches • Industrial Plants • Loading Docks • Parking Lots • Storage Yards • Railroad Sidings • Fence Lines • Sidewalks • and more

D.T.W. KILLS:  Johnson • Grass • Crabgrass • Foxtail • Lambsquarter • Broomsedge • Dandelion • and more

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