D.T.W. Select

Selective Broadleaf Brush & Weed Killer

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Selective weed control at your fingertips. D.T.W. Select is a foaming aerosol spray herbicide that makes the chore of weed control easier than ever before. Imagine not having to worry about overspray getting on things you want to keep. It is a selective weed killer that acts fast and works long. D.T.W. Select is EPA registered and features a blend known as Triple 2,4-D which means it kills a wider variety of broadleaf weeds than its competitors.

  • Systemic herbicide that kills through the stalk and leaves
  • Upside down valve eliminates bending and makes application easier
  • Rapid kill – eliminates all unwanted broadleaf weeds
  • Easy application – foaming action means you see where it is going

D.T.W. Select is easy to apply, just point and push the button. The steady, accurate foam is easy to direct and see.

KILLS:  Chickweed • Clover • Dandelion • Hemp • Poison Ivy • Poison Oak
Check the label for additional broadleaf weeds that D.T.W. Select kills.


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