Defend (Dozen)

Lice and Bed Bug Killer

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Rapidly controls and prevents infestation of head and body lice on inanimate surfaces.

A major problem, particularly in schools and jails, is head and body lice. If left unchecked, head and body lice will grow to epidemic proportions within a few days. Not only do these lice live on people but also on animals, mattresses, sofas, pillows, upholstery, carpets, clothing and anywhere else that provides a warm, well protected breeding ground. Defend is the solution to controlling lice, dust mite, flea, tick and bedbug infestation.

USE ON:  Theatre Seating • Garments • Bedding • Sofas • Chairs • Mattresses • Pillows • Floors • Carpeting • Sports Gear • Furniture • Baseboards • Walls • Headboards • Coat Rooms

USED BY:  Schools • Hospitals • Court Houses • Jails • Clinics • Hotels  • Motels • Prisons • Nursing Homes • Churches • Athletic Groups • Offices • Kennels • Apartments

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