Double 6 Low VOC

Non-Selective Weed Killer

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VOC Compliant non-selective soil sterilant controls weeds and grasses by contact and root action. Contains a higher level of active ingredient for residual control. Double 6 Low VOC also raises the acidity of the soil to the point of not supporting plant life.

Vegetation control can be challenging, so let Double 6 Low VOC help you with thorough and long lasting results while remaining in compliance to VOC restrictions. It is particularly effective in areas where undesirable growth is tall and well established. Penetrating quickly and giving a fast knockdown to unwanted vegetation, it also uses a greater amount of Bromacil soil sterilant for a kill that lasts. Long term use will decrease the amount that grows back after multiple growth season.

Ready to Use Formula – eliminates mixing errors, saves time and labor. One Application per Year – contains .98% Bromicil for long lasting kill. VOC Compliant – low volatility phytotoxic carrier meets state requirements for low VOC herbicides.

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