Steel Braces for Dump Truck Beds

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Prevent dump bed accidents and fatalities with Dump-Lok.

Maintenance or inspection underneath the dump body of a dump bed truck is a safety hazard. Dump bed manufacturers provide heavy body props to support the elevated dump bed from unexpected movement; however, these body props are non-adjustable and limit the angle height of the service area.

Dump-Lok provides a safeguard mechanism to meet OSHA’s requirements for worker safety. The Dump-Lok steel braces lock the truck’s dump bed in the raised position, preventing it from falling on the worker. Plus, Dump-Lok safely holds dump beds at a higher angle than most body props, allowing the worker safe access to areas underneath the dump bed.

Dump-Lok is an engineering breakthrough in truck safety.

  • Completely OSHA compliant, meaning no costly fines or workplace injuries
  • Universal fit for use on any brand of dump box
  • Safely holds dump truck beds at higher angles than manufacturer truck props
  • Fits up to a 4-7/16" flange compared to the standard truck flange of 3.5"
  • Holds a maximum capacity of 50,000 lbs.
  • Easy grip handles make carrying and installing simple
  • Meets OSHA’s requirements for alternative truck bed bracket that ensures proper lockout procedures for any employee working under a raised dump truck bed (OSHA SHIB 09-18-2006)

Dump-Lok Steel Braces must be used as a pair.

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