Super Strength Cooling Tower Water Treatment Complex

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Complete system protection for optimum system performance.

Nothing corrodes a cooling tower system faster than the water that flows through it. Water re-circulation and evaporation cause buildup of scale and mineral deposits. Excel attacks the most complex water problems commonly found in cooling tower systems. It removes and prevents future buildup of scale, mineral deposits and rust. Its concentrated formula targets impurities that cause hard water scale and increases pH levels to prevent rust. Excel forms a protective coating on all metal surfaces throughout the cooling tower.

  • Conditions the water
  • Eliminates buildup of scale and mineral deposits and clogging
  • Stops scale from returning by forming a protective coating on metal surfaces
  • Inhibits rust by raising pH levels
  • Prevents fouling of exchanger tubes and keeps cooling towers clean
  • Boosts water circulation and conservation and lowers operational costs
  • Inhibits corrosion in ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Reduces maintenance and increases tower operating life
  • Stable in all temperatures

EFFECTIVELY REMOVES:  Scale • Mineral Deposits • Iron Oxide Deposits

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