Final Strip Plus

Very Aggressive Rinse-Free Speed Stripper

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Designed to remove multiple layers of floor finish in one easy application.

Final Strip Plus is a time and labor saving stripper that works by breaking the molecular “film forming” bond of floor finishes and waxes. It “re-emulsifies” all but the heaviest finish buildups with or without scrubbing. This allows the stripper to be applied by mop and picked up by mop and bucket or wet vac. Any remaining solution evaporates completely – eliminating the need to rinse before recoating. Unlike ordinary strippers, no alkali film is left behind to prevent bonding of new finish to the floor.

  • Low foaming action, Final Strip Plus can be applied with an automatic scrubber
  • Will remove multiple layer of floor finish in one easy application
  • Requires only 5-10 minutes of setting time before agitation

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