For Drying Out Loud

Aqueous Fluid Encapsulating Sorbent

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Unique formula has the power to solidify & dry water based spills in one step
For Drying Out Loud’s unique formula has the power to solidify and dry all aqueous spills while eliminating associated hazardous vapors and malodors. It easily absorbs aqueous liquids severaltimes its own weight. For Drying Out Loud makes cleaning up spills effortless and safe.
  • Has the power to solidify and dry water-based spills in one step
  • Eliminates hazardous vapors and associated malodors
  • Encapsulates all aqueous liquids several times its own weight
  • Absorbs 16 gallons of aqueous liquid per pound
  • Simply pour on spill or mess for complete clean up in less then one minute. 
USE ON: Milk & Juice • Soda & Coffee • Antifreeze • Water Based Coolants & Solvents • Wine & Alcohols • Vomit • Dumpster Leakage • Condensate Water • Blood & OPIM Fluids • Pet Messes • Latex Paint • Spilled Polymers
USAGE APPLICATIONS: Restaurants, Bar & Cafeterias • Schools & Universities • Public Transportation • Convention Centers & Hotels • Retail Centers • Fire & Police Departments • Recreational Areas • Hospitals & Dialysis Units • Veterinary Clinics • Offices • Vehicle Maintenance Shops • Sewage Treatment Plants • Plumbers 

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