Good-Bye Grease

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Say good-bye to grease with GBG. Formulated with natural citrus solvents plus chemical enhancers, this combination enables maximum solvency for emulsifying and liquefying grease, sludge, slime and/or other organic obstructions. It prevents blockages and maintains drain systems, drain lines, grease traps, septic systems and waste water treatment systems. GBG’s powerful citrus fragrance also controls foul odors and degreases at the same time.
  • Use to open lines and kill odors fast.
  • Add through sewer lines or directly into source of odors or clog, liquefying grease, sludge and slime.
  • For use at all stages of the treatment process, from line maintenance to drying beds.
CLEANS AND DEGREASES: Use at different dilutions to clean the grime and dirt anywhere they accumulate.
ODOR CONTROL: Use straight or dilute to deodorize odors with an enhanced citrus scent.
Biodegradable • VOC compliant solvent in all states

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