Graffiti Be Gone Kit

Graffiti and Shadow Remover Kit

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Save thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

The Graffiti Be Gone Kit removes paint, urethane, marker, pen, ink, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, and other graffiti marks from porous surfaces. The Graffiti Be Gone Kit contains 2 key components:

Component #1: Graffiti Remover. This unique gel formula penetrates deeply into porous surfaces to dissolve and loosen graffiti.

Component #2: Shadow Remover. Removes stubborn shadows and ghosts from porous surfaces in minutes.

Each kit covers approximately 200-300 square feet and is safe to use on brick, mortar, masonry, cement, grout, terrazzo, natural stone or rock, polished stone, stucco, pavers, concrete, and more.

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