Handheld Electro Sprayer

Battery Operated Electrostatic Sprayer

SKU: 47233


The Handheld Electro Sprayer is a portable, battery powered, electrostatic misting sprayer capable of spraying 360 degrees. Disinfect large areas 3x faster with this lightweight unit – covering 50,000 square feet per charge! This versatile and easy-to-use sprayer will compliment any classroom, office, warehouse, or public space.


  • Electrostatic sprayers easily disinfect and sanitize around curved and hard-to-reach surfaces, covering up to 3x the surface area.
  • The solution tank holds 1/2 gallon (1.8L) of your favorite sanitizer or disinfectant.
  • The powerful 20 volt lightweight Lithium Ion Battery Energy has an estimated 30 minute run time.
  • Button for on-board lights indicates charge status.
  • Approximately 75db., it is a quiet performer.
  • Weighs in at a mere 2.9 lbs.
  • Comes complete with battery, charger, solution tank and sprayer.

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