Hands Down Cherry

All Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner


Hands Down Cherry hand soap is exactly as it sounds: Hands Down the best hand wash available. Hands Down Cherry is a heavy-duty cleaner that has the power to wash away tough grease, soil, oil, and odor.  The cherry scent is the preferred scent for masking gasoline and other fuel odors. Pumice scrubbers work deep into cracks and crevices to wash away the heaviest grease and grime. Emollients eliminate cracking and drying without leaving any greasy or oily residue. Hands Down Cherry comes in two different sizes – A smaller handheld bottle that can be used anywhere or a larger wall mounted container. The wall mounted container has a revolutionary packaging that fits into a dispenser upside down so the suction and gravity make sure that nothing is wasted.

  • Easily removes stubborn grease, paint, adhesives & more
  • Natural pumice scrubs away grease and grime
  • Unique formula will capture and lift dirt from the skin
  • Contains moisturizers to prevent drying & cracking
  • Cherry scent can easily combat the smell of gasoline and other fuels on hands

Tech & SDS Sheets

SDS Sheet
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