Inline Hot

Re-Circulating Hot Water Boiler Treatment Complex

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Don’t let corrosion cause expensive boiler repairs.

Inline Hot protects and maintains re-circulating hot water boilers. This specialized cleansing and maintenance agent combines the jobs of many different products into one easy-to-use formula, eliminating expensive boiler repairs. Even though oxygen is a by-product of boiler water, it can be harmful to the entire system. Oxygen eats away at metal causing rust to accumulate. The problem can be solved after damage is done by replacing lines and equipment… Or, it can be treated before rust forms with Inline Hot.

  • Conditions water throughout the boiler system to control the pH levels and water hardness
  • Protects metal piping by providing a barrier to prevent future scale buildup
  • Removes built-up scale and mineral deposits from hard water
  • Controls rust and corrosion that damage tubes and pipes
  • Prevents oxygen pitting, the most common cause of metal-corrosion failures
  • Suspends solid waste, sludge and sediment for easy removal by blowdown

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