Justeq 07

Cooling Tower Biocide

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Continuous biofilm control in a wider range of pH.

Justeq07 is designed for efficacy in a wider range of pH, especially at higher levels. Its concentrated formula breaks down and eliminates foul-smelling organic contaminants, allowing condensing and cooling equipment to run cleaner and longer over time.

Justeq07 is a patented liquid, single-feed biocide effective for controlling the algae, bacteria and fungi that produce slime in industrial water treatment applications. Justeq07 helps to reduce energy consumption through improved and continuous biofilm removal and prevention.


  • Controls contaminants in a wide pH
  • Kills microorganisms in a higher pH
  • Single-feed biocide is ideal for larger condensing and cooling equipment
  • Non-foaming formula
  • Meets EPA application requirements 

EFFECTIVELY CONTROLS:  Algae • Bacterial Slime • Fungal Slime • Other Organic Contaminants

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