Killer! (Dozen)

Fire Ant Injector Spray

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Delivers a deadly dose into the mound and kills on contact.

When injected into the mound, Killer! is designed to destroy the complete nest, including the queen. The key to eliminate these annoying pests is to destroy their nest.

Fire ants cause indirect problems to industrial and commercial infrastructure and the environment. Damage estimates for the United States range in the millions of dollars annually.

Fire ants are serious pests. They inflict a painful sting and if not eradicated, can seriously affect your property and staff.

  • Mound penetrating rod kills ants in their mounds
  • Dual synthetic pyrethroids ensure deep penetrating kill
  • Contains no ozone depleting agents
  • For outdoor use only

USE IN:  Schools • Power Companies • Municipalities • Park Departments • Military Bases • Hotels/Motels • Dairies

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