Line Tamer

Non-Acid Sewer Line Opener

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Concentrated alkaline formula attacks, penetrates and liquefies clogs in sanitary sewer lines.

Fats, oils, greases, starches, paper, lubricants, cooking oils, soaps, detergents, foodstuff, and human waste all contribute to the build-up of sludge and grime in sanitary sewer lines. As the line diameter narrows, it creates the perfect climate for clogs to occur. The concentrated alkaline formula of Line Tamer attacks, penetrates and liquefies clogs in sanitary sewer lines. It is heavier than water and will sink right to the blockage, dissolving the grease and dislodging the obstruction.

Lines filled with sludge are also breeding grounds for pathogenic bacteria and cause slowdowns and backups into the lateral lines. Treat lines regularly to prevent the narrowing of sanitary sewer lines that lead to obstructions, slowdowns, backups, and pathogenic bacteria.

  • Heavy alkaline formula sinks right to the blockage through standing water
  • Dissolves FOG and organic waste, clearing clogs in 30 minutes to 1 day
  • Keeps lines free-flowing and odor free
  • Reduces slowdowns and backups into lateral lines
  • Won’t harm pipes or seals
  • Can also be used to clean sludge from walls in lift stations, holding tanks, and other areas of liquid waste collection & treatment systems

DISSOLVES:   Grease • Hair • Rags • Starches • Fats • Oil • Organic Waste • Paper • Lubricants • Soaps • Detergents • Foodstuff • Human waste

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