Melt-Away (50 lbs.)

Pelletized Ice & Snow Melter with Exothermic Action

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Melt-Away is a Grade 5 Calcium Chloride de-icer which means that it gives you the optimum combination of melting ability and safety compared to other lesser grade de-icers and rock salt. The level of calcium chloride in Melt-Away creates what is called "Exothermic Action" which actually generates heat the moment it comes in contact with ice, snow, slush, or water. You get immediate results with far less effort, materials, and expenses.

  • Melt-Away works at lower temperatures. Any de-icer or salt will melt ice on snow when it’s 15°F or warmer; however, Melt-Away works down to temperatures of -50°F when other de-icers or salt won’t work at all. It continues to work, even after it’s dissolved, to prevent ice and snow from reforming on your sidewalks and drives.
  • Melt-Away is safe. It won’t harm your concrete, grass, shrubs, trees or plants when used as recommended. So, you’re protecting your property as well as the people who use it.
  • Melt-Away is cleaner. Unlike other de-icers and salt,Melt-Away will not leave a powdery white mess on your shoes or floors.

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