Odor-Gran (50 lbs.)

Granular Odor Neutralizer

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Easy-to-use absorbent and deodorant for quick clean-up of all types of offensive liquids and odors.

Odor-Gran contains special deodorizers and neutralizers for the greatest effectiveness in garbage cans, dumpsters, storage areas, cellars and other areas where stale musty odors form. Odor-Gran needs no mixing, just sprinkle on affected areas and its long-lasting residual effectiveness will control obnoxious odors.

  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-caustic
  • Holds thousands times its weight in malodorous substances
  • Safe to use

USED BY:  Street Departments • Sewage Treatment plants • Water Departments • Humane Departments • Sanitation Departments • Veterinary Hospitals • Food Processing Plants • Dumps • Packing Plants • Hotels • Motels

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