Ox-E2-Power Concrete Cleaner

Hydrogen Peroxide Powered Concrete Cleaner

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Chemically lifts away oil stains… even ones that have been set for years.

Ox-E2-Power Concrete Cleaner combines stain-lifting power of Hydrogen Peroxide and the degreasing ability of D’Limonene to lift tough oil and grease stains new or old. It also is useful for preparing concrete surfaces for etching, decorative staining and sealing by removing grease, oil and other contaminates.

  • More stable form of Hydrogen Peroxide means Ox-E2-Power is active longer than other oxygen based cleaners
  • Higher pH level performs better and longer
  • 100% natural, both Hydrogen Peroxide and D’Limonene are 100% natural and possess extraordinary cleaning ability

USE ON ALL CONCRETE SURFACES:  Garages • Shops • Warehouses • Driveways • Parking Areas • Automotive Areas

CAN BE USED ON OTHER SURFACES TO REMOVE GREASSE, INK, OIL, BEVERAGE STAINS AND MORE:  Glass • Carpets • Fabrics • Furniture • Upholstery • Stainless Steel • Plastic • Metal • Clothing • Countertops • Sinks • Floors • Appliances • Tile Grout • Walls

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