Quick Stick (Dozen)

Multi-Purpose Webbing Spray Adhesive

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Quick Stick provides a combination of versatility and performance for the most demanding applications. Quick Stick’s webbing spray pattern dries translucent and adheres to virtually any surface. Quick Stick is waterproof, flexible and non-staining, and is formulated with the environment in mind — no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.

  • Fast tack, quick adhesion
  • Temporary or permanent bonds
  • Waterproof and non-staining
  • Non-chlorinated and non-ozone depleting

For temporary bonds, spray only one side. For permanent bonds, spray both sides.

QUICK STICK DRIES TRANSLUCENT AND ADHERES TO VIRTUALLY ANY SURFACE:  Carpeting • Cloth • Cardboard • Cork • Foils • Foams • Fiberboard • Leather • Rubber • Metal • Corrugated Paper • Plastics • Wood • Painted or Unpainted Surfaces

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