Stretch Master Utility Cords

Polyurethane utility cords resist cracking, breaking & splitting… Guaranteed.

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Stretch Master Utility Cords have an exceptional polyurethane formula that refuses to crack, break, or split. These cords can work in extreme temperatures ranging from -20ºF to 200ºF and are resistant to salt water, oil, and UV. The strong flexible material allows for a safe stretch up to twice its original length. The durable nylon hooks will not scratch paint. Best of all, the Stretch Master Utility Cords are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE against any breakage of the strap or hooks.*


  • Six 18” Stretch Master cords attached to center ring that creates a six-way tie down 
  • Break strength of 120 lbs per cord x 6 
  • Perfect for securing tool boxes or parts containers to portable work carts, mobile maintenance repair vehicles, ATV’s , pickup trucks, trailers, and golf carts 
  • Secures limbs, debris, landscaping tools, greens mowers, chain saws, limb saws and more to the beds of all ATV’s, pickups, carry-alls, mini trucks and other maintenance repair vehicles 
  • Stretch Master cord with a molded nylon hook on one end and a loop on the opposite end 
  • Break strength of 120 lb 
  • Great for tie down applications that do not have two anchor points 
  • Perfect for storing extension cords, air and water hoses and for general shop storage and organization 
  • Can be used in bundling diameters from 1” to 25” 
  • Stretch Master strap with two molded nylon hooks and six loop connector slots 
  • Break strength of 210 lb 
  • Slots allow for the strap to be customized for a variety of applications 

* The guarantee is void against cuts, rips, or tears from sharp objects, being run over by solid/metal wheels

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