Leo Epstein founded Continental Research in March of 1967 with one sole mission: Providing the best products to get the toughest industrial jobs done – and easier too. Today, we are owned by Tom Epstein, who began working in the family business after school at the age of 13. Over a span of more than 38 years, Tom has developed processes and powerful leadership teams that are integral to the company today. Continental Research is renowned for having best-in-class industrial chemical solutions, customer service, home office staff, technology, and customers. The ambition of the company is to provide such an exceptional experience that whenever a maintenance professional needs to order a supply of industrial chemicals, there is Continental Research, and then everyone else.

Continental Research carries a large, comprehensive line of the best professional maintenance solutions available. Product reliability has always been the hallmark of our legacy with customers. It must work at the level of “best in breed” for us to make it, sell it, or represent it. Our product designs are formulated to meet exacting standards that are higher than those of ordinary companies, even large national brands. We make point of servicing areas where other companies choose not to go. Industry professionals recognize the vast amount of knowledge required to service Wastewater plants, Lagoons, Sanitary Sewers, Grease Trap, Pest Control, and Soil Sterilization (Weed Killer) maintenance tasks, all of which are areas where we have unique, specialized products and experience. It’s safe to say that if it has a pump, motor, engine, boiler, moving mechanical parts, requires basic or sophisticated maintenance, then Continental Research is the organization that can solve your problems.

The mission of “Providing the best products to get the toughest jobs done – and easier too.”, is the driving force in the company’s success. The commitment to providing exceptional service and product quality is palpable and can be verified in real time. When our customers place an order or reach out for more information, the entire company moves to fulfill our promise to deliver a superb customer experience. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Our belief that it is important to think globally and act locally, has led Continental Research to be widely admired in our hometown, St. Louis, Missouri. We are proud of having an Epstein serve in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.  We believe in contributing to charities who advocate for under privileged, underrepresented, underappreciated people, and we follow-through on that belief.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Continental Research is making the toughest industrial jobs easier, please contact us directly through the website.