Sludgemeister Lagoon & Pond Bio Tabs

Sludgemeister is a bio tab for lagoons and ponds that work in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Improves water clarity, sludge reduction, & allows sunlight to do the job of removing solids naturally. Biologically safe for the environment.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 44775 (25 LBS)

Appropriate Uses

  • Ponds
  • Lagoons

Typical Applications

Sludgemeister - Lagoon and Pond Bio Tabs

Sludgemeister, a top-rated wastewater treatment, comes in the form of a 1/2 oz. Bio Tab. Sludgemeister is proven to be effective at reducing sludge in lagoons and ponds. This wastewater solution works in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions to remove 25% of bottom sludge in 30 days or less. Each Sludgemeister Bio-Tab contains selective blended strains of sludge-eating bacteria and essential trace minerals to support microbial growth and vitality. Visible changes occur in wastewater composition in as little as 7-10 days. The unique shape and size of the Bio-Tab aids performance by evenly embedding Bio-Tabs in the sludge – improving water clarity, sludge reduction, and allowing sunlight to do the job of solids removal naturally.

Professional Wastewater Treatment to Remove Sludge and Improve Water Clarity in 30 Days

  • It only takes 4lbs per surface acre two times a month to get all these benefits.
  • Sludgemeister can reduce sludge layer up to 75% in 60-90 days, even faster in aerated ponds and lagoons.
  • Professionals that use Sludgemeister delay or eliminate the need to dredge for years!
  • Sludgemsieter can be used to recapture treatment capacity - fast!
  • This wastewater treatment will help reduce turn over issues.
  • Sludgemeister is easy-to-use — simply toss a handful every 20ft of perimeter.
  • Bio-Tabs dissolve in approx. 14-30 days, depending on turbidity.
  • This wastewater treatment is biologically safe for the environment.
  • Sludgemeister contains no hazardous material.
  • No special equipment is needed for application of this wastewater treatment.

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