Surge 100X Liquid Live Bacteria

Super concentrated blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for faster colony building. Use in sewage treatment plants, lagoons and ponds, food processing plants, septic tanks, drain fields & porta-toilets.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 46968 (55 GL)
  • 46972 (35 GL)
  • 46971 (20 GL)
  • 46970 (5 GL)
  • 46969 (4x1 GL)
  • 46978 (Activation Kit)

Appropriate Uses

  • Metal
  • PVC
  • Porcelain
  • Paint
  • Brick Tile

Typical Applications

Surge 100X - Liquid Live Bacteria with Odor Controller

Surge 100X uses the latest technology to keep its selectively adapted bacteria in a dormant state at 100 times the concentration of competitive products. Composed of a proprietary blend of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria, Surge 100X reacts to the presence of organic waste by releasing enzymes that catalyze breakdown of the waste to simpler forms. This contributes to a virtuous cycle of more bacterial growth, establishing colonies which continue to digest organic waste after use of the product.

  • Super concentrated blend of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
  • Versatile multi-function formula
  • Faster colony building

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