Might Boy M.A.D. (Makes A Drum)

Updated November 23, 2022
Mighty Boy M.A.D is being used for a heavy-duty industrial degreasing task

A New Age in Industrial Degreasing – Might Boy M.A.D. (Makes A Drum)

While industrial degreasing can be quite complicated, the objective of developing the Mighty Boy M.A.D - Makes a Drum was simplification of the degreasing process, regardless of intensity of the job, all while maintaining control of resources.

The Mighty Boy fill kit contains two premeasured 2.5-gallon containers of “raw materials” that you simply mix with your own water. With Mighty Boy M.A.D, the user has the option of either a very high concentration for very difficult industrial degreasing tasks, or it can be further diluted as far as 6 to 1 ratio, which is a major component of the product’s efficiency in terms of cost and labor. Make no doubt about it, that’s the secret sauce that makes this product so special. For example, if this were a typical super concentrate it would simply not be able to be diluted further than the approximate 10 to 1 ratio of Mighty Boy M.A.D However, by sending you the raw materials needed to comprise a genuinely super concentrated drum, you can drive the ratios through the roof!

This product gives you control over virtually every aspect of the super concentrated raw materials. When we say every aspect, we mean it; Mighty Boy M.A.D. is the best industrial degreasing product available on the market in 2022. Included in the Might Boy M.AD. kit:

  • Hydro powered dilution dispenser
  • All the mixing, dispensing, and safety equipment
  • Funnel for pouring in Components A & B
  • Bung wrench - Safety face shield
  • Nitrile gloves
  • All the mounting supplies needed to hang the dispenser (and bonus dispenser tips)

Mighty Boy M.A.D. is even better than you thought

The most critical aspects of the Mighty Boy M.A.D product are both the ease of use and economic sensibility. Once ordering the kit, you will reuse the equipment, without being shipped another drum, ever! Along with eliminating the need of drum disposal, you’ll find yourself never having to pay for freight on a full drum ever again. You’ll simply reorder refill packages of “raw materials” that you mix to the level of concentration that is most suitable for the job. All in all, this equals out to more autonomy and quite a lot in savings. To really acknowledge how dynamic this product is, freight savings alone will justify the purchase. In fact, ordering 10 M.A.D. fill kits comes out to the same price as the shipping fee of just 1 (one!) drum. That’s not to mention most full drums are often around ~90% water, making this novel alternative much more cost-effective.

How do I use Might Boy M.A.D. for Industrial Degreasing?

Whether you are running a floor scrubber on what is already a professionally cleaned surface, or you just want some general-purpose cleaner in sprayer bottles filled with water, simply fill the drum all the way to 4” from the top. It will make a good strong cleaning solution for daily mopping, all-purpose spray and wipe cleaning, light solution for tabletops, desks, counters, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, plates, kick plates, handrails and virtually any hard non-porous surface not affected by water. It will have a mild blue hue, so you’ll know it’s not water and we’ve made it without fragrance because the smell of clean is no smell at all.

If you need a good strong emulsifying industrial degreaser, then add 30-40 gallons of water, about 15-16’ from the top. The color will appear brighter and it’s ideal for the once-a-week or month floor scrubbing in factories, warehouses, shops, garages and so forth. It makes an excellent automotive car, truck, and bus wash at this strength as well. You can even use it as floor finish remover at this concentration. It will also do an excellent job of carpet stain removal or laundry pre-spotting. At this level, it’s at the most versatile stage for general purpose industrial degreasing and heavy cleaning.

If you want extra heavy-duty degreasing power just add 20-30 gallons of water to keep the concentration higher, about a little over half full in the drum. It will be bright blue when dispensed. Many professionals double up on both concentrates - 10 gallons of raw materials instead of 5 - to make a full drum of super strength industrial degreasing power. At this concentration level you’ll be using an extraordinarily strong formulation of degreaser for you hardiest of industrial degreasing requirements. You would never have thought it would take less than a drum before using Mighty Boy M.A.D.

Common Applications: 

  • Shop Floors
  • Garage Floors 
  • Parts Washing 
  • Construction Equipment 
  •  Road Paving Equipment 
  •  Fleet/Vehicles 
  • Boat Hulls 
  • Combustion Engines 

Might Boy M.A.D. Industrial Degreasing Set-Up:

Mighty Boy M.A.D. becomes a foolproof automatic mixing station that is set-up and working in just 10 minutes. All you need is a drill, a drill bit sized at 3/8ths, a quality garden hose, and the following components that come in the starting kit: Wall anchors, wall mounting screws, and the dispenser unit. 

  1. Drill the holes, insert anchors, affix the dispenser, tighten the wall mounting screws tight, use 4ft ½ chemical resistant tubing to syphon from the drum.

  2. Cut and affix discharge tube to user length, (10” for quarts, 16’ for gallons, 3-5’ for the discharge tube depending on usage, mop bucket, floor scrubber….

  3. Place the empty drum beneath the Mighty Boy M.A.D. drum dispenser. Put on safety equipment, use the bung wrench to loosen both bungs, screw the stabilized funnel into the proper hole and then pour in the contents of Component A, take hose run it to the bottom using other hole to avoid foaming, turn on and fill 10-20 gallons, add component B then add an equal amount of water depending on desired strength.

For more set-up assistance, click here to watch the set-up video. You can also Ask an Expert.

Simple as that, it’s ready to go. When the button on the dispenser is pressed, it will be begin pumping water through the syphon and you can start mixing in the desired amount of concentrated industrial degreaser (you can change the dilution tip; recommended using the 6 to 1 ratio tip). You may need to experiment to get the right dilution ratio fit for the job. Once the desired strength is found, use a standard marking pen to mark the sides of the drum to give you the proper sight markers. 

Side Note: People ask if Mighty Boy M.A.D is a green product. Industrial degreasing isn’t really a “green” process despite what may be advertised. The green products simply aren’t as strong, as versatile, or cost effective. In fact, once these proposed ‘eco-friendly’ solutions are mixed with the grease, grime, dirt, films, and other debris that is rinsed from the surface, the waste isn’t green at all. Doesn’t matter if it’s a green product you’re discharging, because once the product is mixed with grease and grime, it’s not green anymore. 

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