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Maintaining a Motor Pool is a multi-person job. There will always be more vehicles than mechanics in a Motor Pool. Therefore, it is important to stock every Motor Pool with efficient, easy-to-use chemicals. Continental Research is the one-stop-shop for any Motor Pool needs.

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Top Products

Brite Idea (Aerosol)

Glass Cleaner

Creeper Lube

Specialty Spray Lube

Down N' Dirty

Spray and Wipe Degreaser

Drop N' Lock - Degreaser

Closed Loop Degreaser

Dry Sil XL7

Dry Silicone Spray

Flex Form - Clear

Silicone Caulk and Sealant

Hands Down Cherry

HD Hand Cleaner

Inhibitaur - Liquid Rust Converter

Liquid Rust Converter

Inhibitaur - Rust Blocker

Rust Blocker

Inhibitaur - Rust Converter Aerosol

Aerosol Rust Converter

Inhibitaur - Rust De-Bonder

Rust De-Bonder

Inhibitaur - Rust Suffocator

Rust Encapsulating Coating

Inhibitaur - Winter Rinse

Corrosive Salt Neutralizer

Kutzit - Aerosol

Cutting and Tapping Fluid

Kutzit - Liquid

Cutting and Tapping Oil


Foaming Chain Lube

Master Blaster

HD Foam Degreaser

Melt-Away De-Icer

Aerosol Ice Melter

Mighty Boy Butyl

Butyl Degreaser and Stripper

Mighty Boy MAD

MAD Emulsifying Degreaser

Mighty Boy Powder

Powder Concrete Cleaner

Mighty Boy Power Spray RTU

Super Strength Degreaser

Mighty Boy Stain Sucker

Oil Stain Remover

No Salt Please

Salt Residue Remover

Ox-E2-Power - Concrete Cleaner

Concrete Cleaner

Prime Time Light Gray

High Solids Primer

Rid-O-Grease (Aerosol)

All-Natural Degreaser - Aerosol

Rid-O-Grease (Bulk)

All-Natural Degreaser

Rid-O-Grime Towels

Scrubbing Towels


Heavy Duty Silicone


Rubberized Coating

Tuff Stuff

Soy Based Solvent

Versa Lube III

Chain and Cable Lubricant

Wash N Wax - High Foam

Vehicle Wash

Xtra-Muscle Brake & Parts

Brake & Parts Cleaner

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