Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are responsible for designing and constructing critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airfields, ports, and base camps. Civil Engineers attach a prime importance on the performance of their tools and materials. Continental Research shares this importance and provides specialty chemicals for almost any job.

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Top Products

Bacto Treat OWS

Petroleum Oil Digestant

Boiler Mate

Boiler Treatment

Coil Clean Plus

Foaming Coil Cleaner


Concrete Dissolver

Double 6 Low VOC

Non-Selective Weed Killer

Double Time

Granular Herbicide

Down N' Dirty

Spray and Wipe Degreaser

Green Trace

Sewer Tracer Color

Larvae Kill

Mosquito Larvicide

Master Blaster

HD Foam Degreaser

Melt-Away Plus

Liquid Snow & Ice Melter

Melt-Away Thermosyn

Synergized Snow & Ice Melter

Mr. Patch

Epoxy Patch Kit


Herbicide Surfactant

No Bite Bands

Insect Repelling Bands

Powder Keg

Insect Dehydrator

Pro-Tec Plus

Liquid Ice Preventer

Rid-O-Grime Towels

Scrubbing Towels


Heavy Duty Silicone

Single Shot

Drain Opener

Slip No More

Textured Epoxy Coating


Lagoon & Pond Bio Tabs

Steam Shield

Steam Boiler Treatment

T.L.C. & T.L.C. Jr

Total Line Care


Wasp and Hornet Spray

Waste-Floc 500

Flocculent Agent

Winterizer 4-12-8

Liquid Fertilizer for Fall

X-Algae Extra

Algaecide and Sanitizer

Zonker Blocks

Malodor Counteractant

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