Enzyme-70 Granular Sewer Digestant

A sewer digestant that utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of natural enzymes and bacteria. Blended with special bacteria strains cultured for their ability to digest and liquefy organic sewage – quickly, efficiently and without odors!


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 51 (25 LB)

Appropriate Uses

  • Sewer Lines
  • Lagoons
  • Lift Stations
  • Grease Traps

Enzyme-70 - Granular Sewer Digestant with Enzymes

Enzyme-70 is a blend of special bacteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic) cultured for their ability to digest and liquefy organic sewage. This bacterial blend combined with natural enzymes is vastly superior to naturally occurring bacteria in digesting waste quickly, efficiently and without odors.
  • Reduces BOD and COD faster
  • Enables systems to treat higher volumes of waste and meet effluent quality requirements
  • Helps prevent temporary disruptions caused by toxic influent
  • Contains one billion organisms per gram
  • All-natural
  • Safe to use
Enzyme-70 contains four separate catalytic enzymes which provide for the breakdown of starch, carbohydrates, cellulose, fats and proteins. These four separate systems are:
Amylase – for starch and carbohydrate digestion
Cellulase – for cellulose (paper) digestion
Lipase – for fat and grease digestion
Protease – for protein (hair, etc.) digestion

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