Scale-Trol Boiler Water Treatment

Keep mineral deposits from clogging boiler tubes.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 13774 (55 GL)
  • 13775 (30 GL)
  • 13776 (15 GL)
  • 13777 (5 GL)

Appropriate Uses

  • Boilers
  • Metal
  • Copper Pipes

Typical Applications

Scale-Trol - Boiler Water Treatment

Scale-Trol is typically used for soft water make up for low-pressure boilers operating 600 psi or less. Scale-Trol contains an Alkalinity Booster and a Hardness Complexion Agent that distorts the crystalline structure of Calcium Carbonate and other Calcium-based mineral deposits so that they are unable to stick to the boiler tubes. Instead of calcifying, deposits become a non-adherent, soft sludge easily removed during blowdown. 
For steam boilers used for comfort heating in office buildings, retail, health care, airports and schools. Also used for processing functions, including running production equipment, sterilizing and cleaning, and food processing.
  • Supplies alkalinity to correct hard water problems for a better operating boiler
  • Conditions water throughout the boiler by controlling pH levels
  • Renders calcium deposits incapable of sticking to boiler tubes
  • Enhances blowdown by suspending solids in a non-adherent fluid sludge for easy removal 
  • Anti-foam additive controls foaming, frothing, priming and carryover

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