Restore II Concentrated Asphalt Sealer

A professional-grade concentrated zero VOC premium asphalt based sealer engineered to seal, protect, and beautify aging asphalt. It's non-skid formula that will also fill hairline cracks (1/8” or less). Makes asphalt look new.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 44628 (5 GL)

Appropriate Uses

  • Asphalt

Restore II - Concentrated Asphalt Sealer

You can’t keep the elements from your asphalt, but you can keep them from doing damage with Restore II Premium Emulsion Blacktop Sealer. It forms a protective coating to guard blacktop surfaces and extend the life of your pavement. It also restores asphalt and keeps it looking like new with a rich black finish. Restore II seals the blacktop area and protects the surface from the elements. Its black finish provides a consistent seal that is resistant to weather, UV rays, and chemical damage. Sand may be added to produce greater traction on grades or heavy foot traffic areas. 
  • Engineered to seal, protect, and restore asphalt to full black finish
  • Formulated with special polymers for increased adhesion & durability
  • Asphalt based, free of coal tar
  • Coverage is approximately 100 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Extends pavement life
  • Cures quickly and completely
  • No tar odor or VOC

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