Patch 1-2-3 Asphalt & Concrete Patch

Environmentally-friendly asphalt and concrete patch is premixed and can be laid directly from container – just add water.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 44171 (50 LBS/Pail)

Appropriate Uses

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Pavement

Patch 1-2-3 - Water-Activated Asphalt and Concrete Patch

Patch 1-2-3 is a permanent asphalt and concrete patch that is water activated and does not contain any solvents. It is 100% environmentally and user-friendly, unlike other asphalt patching products containing toxic petroleum-based solvents with volatile organic compounds (VOC).
Patch 1-2-3 is pre-mixed and can be laid directly from the container. All you have to do is add water or use the existing water in the pothole. It hardens quickly for immediate use and will not be damaged by traffic, rain, frost or snow when properly installed.  
  • Ideal for asphalt & concrete roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, ramps, truck docks, driveways, & more
  • Sustainable cold mix sets quickly to provide permanent repair, even in wet or cold conditions
  • Premixed & can be laid directly from container – just add water
  • Does not contain any petroleum-based solvents
  • Environmentally and user-friendly

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