Oh Rats! Rodent Control System

Rodent bait and bait station.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 7246 (9 LBS/Pail)

Appropriate Uses

  • Bait Station

Typical Applications

Bait Block and Oh Rats! Bait Stations - Continuous Rodent Control System

Bait Block Rodenticide is an anticoagulant toxic bait for use in the Oh Rats! 
Bait Station. Made of a blend of grains with molasses and peanut butter flavor, this bait is sure to attract unknowing rodents to what will prove to be their final feeding. If you have a problem with Norway Rats, Roof Rats or House Mice, Bait Block is your rodent control solution.
  • The original paraffinized indoor/outdoor bait
  • Active ingredient is Diphacinone
  • Ridges and grooves of the bait give rodents many edges to gnaw on
  • Specially formulated blends of favorite foods and grains that rodents prefer
  • Stays sweet and appealing
  • No bait shyness/high palatability
  • Center hole allows the bait to remain secure to the bait station and tamper resistant
The Oh Rats! Bait Stations 
Because their behaviors are very different, Rat and Mouse Stations cater specifically to their inidividual feeding habits. Rats prefer to feed in tunnels and rarely feed from lightweight plastic bait stations. They chew the plastic instead of entering the station. The Oh Rats! Rat Bait Station is made of heavy-duty polypropylene and has a double-tunnel design that makes it more inviting.
Mice prefer to feed in separate chambers in simple arrangements, and like to enter a tunnel that offers an unobstructed view of their escape route. The Oh Rats! Mouse Station has clear visibility from one end of the tunnel to the other which dramatically increases the amount of food eaten. 
  • Unique locking mechanism reduces the risk of accidental or deliberate access to the rodenticide
  • Easy to open
  • Internal baffles secure lid
  • Fit along walls and in corners
  • Indoor and outdoor use

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