Melt-Away - Pelletized Ice and Snow Melter

Updated August 29, 2023

Melt-Away: Revolutionize Ice Melting

Tired of battling icy sidewalks and parking lots every winter? Look no further than Melt-Away, your ultimate ice and snow melter solution.

Unmatched Melting Power
Experience the next level of ice melting with Melt-Away. Our Grade-5 calcium chloride de-icer outperforms traditional de-icers and rock salt, providing you with exceptional melting ability and unparalleled safety.

Harnessing Heat Instantly
Melt-Away's secret? Exothermic Action. The instant this remarkable product makes contact with ice, snow, slush, or water, it unleashes heat, leaving you with rapid and efficient results.

Conquer the Coldest Cold
Unlike other de-icers that throw in the towel at 15°F, Melt-Away works proficiently in temperatures as low as -25°F. Melt-Away will keep parking lots, sidewalks, and stairs clear and safe, even in the harshest cold.

Gentle Yet Effective
Worried about damage to your concrete, soil, or plants? With Melt-Away, you can put those concerns to rest. Our specialized formula ensures that is tough on ice, yet gentle on surrounding environments when used as recommended.

Clean and Residue-Free
Wave goodbye to messy floors and unsightly white streaks. Unlike other de-icers and salt, Melt-Away leaves no powdery residue behind, keeping shoes and floors looking clean and professional.

Your Winter Arsenal
Melt-Away isn't just a stand-alone solution; it's a team player. Mix it with other ice-melting agents like salt, sand, and cinders to create a tailored approach that suits any specific need.

Experience the Versatility of Melt-Away
Not looking for pelletized ice-melt, but still want the results that Melt-Away offers? Melt-Away is also offered in liquid (Melt-Away Plus) and aerosol (Melt-Away De-Icer). Let the Melt-Away family help redefine your winter experience.

Don't Let Winter Win – Melt-Away and Reclaim Your Ground!

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