Waste-Floc 500 Flocculent Agent

Waste Floc 500 removes suspended solids from waste water and lowers B.O.D. of effluent. It relieves bio-loading of trickling filters and produces a fluffy non-compacted floc. Waste Floc 500 conditions settled sludge and aids in its digestion.


SKUs (Sizes) Available

  • 729 (55 GL)
  • 728 (35 GL)
  • 727 (20 GL)
  • 8320 (5 GL)
  • 725 (4x1 GL)

Appropriate Uses

  • Wastewater
  • Clarifiers
  • Aerated Basins

Typical Applications

Used By

WasteFloc 500 - Flocculent and Sludge De-Watering Agent

Effective waste disposal depends on settling out a maximum of suspended solids and lowering the BOD to produce a quality effluent. Waste-Floc 500 is designed to do a better, faster, easier and more effective waste disposal job. Waste-Floc 500 increases overall plant efficiency. It’s bio-degradable and non-toxic to sewage digestion as well as bacteria and microorganisms.
  • Removes suspended solids from waste water
  • Lowers BOD of effluent
  • Relieves bio-loading of trickling filters
  • Conditions settled sludge and aids in its digestion
  • Removes a greater amount of solid
  • Odorless and easy to handle

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