Winterizer 4-12-8 Liquid Fertilizer for Fall

A special application formula developed to stimulate root growth faster and deeper than untreated areas. The high phosphorous content toughens and promotes stronger growth of newly seeded areas, plants, shrubs, ornamentals, and nursery stock.


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Appropriate Uses

  • Grasses
  • Athletic Fields

Typical Applications

Winterizer 4-12-8 - Liquid Fertilizer for Fall Application

Winterizer 4-12-8 is a liquid fertilizer that improves winter hardiness, stimulates stronger root development and encourages proper stalk development. Strong roots provide stronger grass that is more resistant to drought, heat, cold and insects. Winterizer 4-12-8 evenly disperses essential nutrients for fall feeding, winter survival and quicker green up in the spring. The 4-12-8 formulation promotes stronger growth of feeder roots on newly seeded areas. 
  • Protects all winter long
  • Builds stronger, deeper roots
  • Provides essential nutrients
  • Quicker green ups in the spring
  • Liquid form goes to work immediately
  • Highly effective fertilizer for plants, shrubs, ornamental and nursery stock
  • Stronger growth of feeder roots on newly seeded areas

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